Women in a World of Men

Wage gap. Harassment. SOCIETY. The common forces against women at work.

We might say we have come a long way from the times when women didn’t find work, but have we?

Today, more and more women in Bangladesh are getting jobs and taking the lead. However, not everyone’s perspective about women at work has changed. Even now, females have to face discrimination, underpayment, and harassment at work and even from society.

While many companies are employing women, not all of them are empowering them. Two reasons for this could be that either female employees are not taken seriously or they are not given proper roles.

Yes, there are female employees working at garments, but is it safe for them? Are their opinions taken into account?

Even if we talk about women in white collar jobs, are they given enough authority?

Do the companies work on developing their female employees?


To ensure the best working environment for women, everyone needs to be included. The men at work need to be accepting of their female colleagues and start taking them seriously.

Most organizations in Bangladesh do not even consider female candidates for certain positions. For example, sales jobs are not something which is considered for women. However, Grameenphone has prioritized taking women for their sales team and it has proved to be a success.

Companies employing women shouldn’t just do it for the sake of getting on the bandwagon, but because they truly want them in the team. A small effort of letting women in on the decision-making process could be the first step.

One of the few companies that truly empower women at work is Nasah Companies. We believe that with the right guidance anyone can make an impact and women should not be kept out of that list.

Our female employees are involved in making strategic decisions and taking lead in projects as well. Not only that, but Nasah Companies also lets women take charge in the sales field. The women at our company have proven their skills in various fields and are one of the main reasons for our success.

From our side, we are working on developing harassment policies and ensuring a safe working environment for our female colleagues. Everyone in our office maintains a respectful relationship and the women take on responsibilities for teams as well.

You might ask “Is that enough?”

No. And we are constantly working on finding new ways to empower anyone who deserves it.

The women in Bangladesh are truly superheroes for fighting against all odds and going to work. Be it blue or white collar jobs they are involved everywhere.

A little bit of support from everyone around can make women at work feel safer and more confident about going to work. With the proper responsibilities in hand, anyone can make their way through.

To the women reading this:

Raise your voice. Fight for your rights.

Empower yourself before they do.